Exciting Tech Products for the Visually Impaired

Being visually impaired has its limitations that will make you unable to live normally. You will need additional tech products to help you to carry on with your life.

Here are some exciting tech products that are a must have for a person who is visually impaired:


This special device has a visual sensor that a blind person will wear around her neck. It also has a vibrating feedback unit that she will wear around her waist.

With this device, it will be possible for a blind person to find her way around despite being blind. She will be able to detect an oncoming danger and find a way of avoiding it.


There are unique glasses that are specially made to allow a blind person to read and identify faces. The glasses are given this ability by a computer that connected to the glasses.

The computer is small enough to carry around and with it, it will be possible to read menus, recognize a street sign or even read a bank note.

There is an audio machine that will read out what is written making it possible for a blind person to live an independent life.


This is a wearable device that will allow a blind person to find his way. The wayband will use vibrations to guide the blind person in the right was just like it happened in the New York marathon.

The wayband will only guide to a specific location and not to any place that a blind person wants to go.


This smartwatch has the ability to tell the time and the date. Some watches will have additional features that will allow them to share notifications.

The watch is stylish and has a sleek design and will really look good when wearing.

Talking Laundry Module

This is a device that will be attached to a washing machine to help in reading out the settings. This will allow a blind person to know how long he will have to wait before the clothes are clean.

A blind person will not have to wait to have someone else do the cleaning when she has this device with her.

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